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The Dangers Of Driving With A Dog In The Car

The hazards of driving with a dog in the car have increased dramatically over time.  Now more than ever, people are treating their dogs like members of their family. With that, pet parents want to bring their dog along for rides in the car whenever they can. There’s...

Cats & Kittens

The Truth About Declawing Cats

The Truth about Declawing Cats Many unsuspecting and therefore uneducated people seek to declaw their cats in an attempt to prevent the cat from scratching and clawing at furniture and other items in the home. Declawing a cat is not only unnecessary, but the very act...

Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

Why Do Cats Love Catnip? Have you ever found yourself watching our cat play with a toy filled with catnip and wondered why he loves it so much? So have we.  Read more below about what catnip is and why "some" cats really love it! What is Catnip? Catnip is actually a...

Pet Care

How To Care For A Senior Pet

We know that animal’s age at a much quicker pace than we do and pet owners who want their pets to live a long, healthy life need to provide the proper pet care to make it happen. But how do pet owners know when their pets are turning the corner from middle age to...

Essential Oils And Pets

pennyEssential Oils have proven to provide many benefits for our beloved pets, however, they also pose a risk to them as well. With the surge in pet parents seeking natural alternatives for things like healing ailments and cleaning around the home, we are beginning to...

Miami Pet Concierge Introduces “Happy Cat Care”

We understand that not all felines are created equal and many require that added touch of TLC to keeping them purring and not too frisky.  That's why we have designed Happy Cat Care. What is Cat Happiness??? Cat Happiness is defined as making our client’s feline...

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Pet Photography With Femke Tewari

Pet Photography seems easy, but to capture a pet’s true personality is an art.  Just ask Femke Tewari of Femke Tewari Photo Art. We were fortunate enough to spend the day with Femke when she photographed some of our client’s pets to be used on Miami Pet Concierge’s...

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