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The Pet Learning Center

The importance of Pet First Aid & CPR

When you first hear the words First Aid & CPR, do you immediately think of humans? But what about our pets? Have you heard of Pet First Aid and CPR?  Our pets can become just as vulnerable as humans in certain situations, and there may be a time where they will...

Living With A Fearful Dog

Living With A Fearful Dog You thought your new dog was going to be just like your last one... well adjusted, friendly, and full of fun. Instead, you got a pooch that is afraid of a long list of things. Your dog may have been abused or had a terrifying experience,...

Does My Cat Have Dry Skin?

Does My Cat Have Dry Skin? Like most other animals, cats can have dry skin. Although dry skin doesn't seem like a critical cat concern, the state of their skin is a good indicator of your cat's overall health. So if your kitty has flakey skin, is scratching...

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