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Decrease Pet Stress And Anxiety With A Thunder Shirt!

Pet anxiety, how to help? Try a Thunder Shirt!

How many of you have a pet that is fearful of thunder, lightning and or fireworks? It’s heartbreaking to see them hide, drool, and whimper o behind a piece of furniture.

It causes you stress because you know this behavior will happen with each impending event. For many, a solution has been hard to find. However, we do have a solution that may be able to help you… It’s called the “Thunder Shirt”.

Sold in many pet stores around the globe and on Amazon.com, this shirt applies a gentle, constant pressure on a dog or cat’s torso, using compression to relieve anxiety. This type of remedy has been compared to that of swaddling an infant or people with autism using pressure to reduce persistent anxiety.

A trick we have learned from using Thunder Shirts over the year is to be sure to put the shirt on prior to an event from the beginning. Easier said than done, but trust us, it works!


How Does A Thunder Shirt Work?

Thunder shirts are made of stretchy material that wraps around a dog or cat’s torso. It closes by a Velcro attachment on the chest and the side. While most pets don’t tend to like human hugs very much, they do like that constant pressure the thunder shirt that acts like a hug.

This constant pressure has a soothing effect on dogs, cats, and other animals that can be as effective as medication. For best results, it’s best to purchase a smaller sized shirt if your dog is between sizes to get the best effects. See the Thunder Shirt website HERE for more information and sizing help.

The Thunder Shirt works for a wide variety of fears, stresses, and anxiety problems. They can be left on a pet when unsupervised and there is no worry of your cat or dog overheating while wearing one if the temperature is under 90 degrees.

For some dogs and cats, Thunder Shirts can work immediately. For others, it will take some time. It is best to put it on your pet before the scary event starts to help begin to eliminate stress and decrease the impending stress.

Multiple studies have proven that the Thunder Shirt is a great and effective alternative to medications. Remember to consult with your veterinarian before taking your pet off of any prescribed medications.

If you have more questions about trying out a Thunder Shirt on your dog our cat, contact us anytime, we’d be more than happy to help you. Contact us anytime at info@miamipetconcierge.com.

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