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Does My Cat Ever Get Lonely?

Notoriously aloof, we often don’t think of cats as lonely creatures. So, it is no wonder that we don’t think of them as needing companionship. However, almost all creatures need someone to pal around with and love. How can you tell if your cat is lonely? After all, they do seem to be so fiercely independent… But sometimes the thought crosses our minds, “Do they do need a social life too?”

Signs that your cat may be lonely include:

  • Destructiveness: Moving or destroying things while home alone.
  • Excessive vocalization: Trying to show unhappiness of being left alone by making bold vocal sounds.
  • Aggressive behavior: Acting confrontational toward you as you get ready to leave the house.
  • Over-grooming: Pulling at their fur or cleaning excessively to show that she needs a little more attention.
  • Spraying/squatting: Marking with urine or feces as a way of making sure you notice the displeasure of being left alone.

How to make your cat less lonely:

You know your cat best, so don’t despair. If you notice any of the above you can help by trying to find a way to make them less lonely.

1. Make sure they have a window

A busy window can keep a cat entertained for hours! Putting a bird or squirrel feeder outside his favorite window could be a one-stop answer to solving your cat’s boredom issues. Having a window for them to rest in can go a long way in helping keep your cat occupied and feeling connected with the world.

2. Keep them occupied

Consider putting out one or two new toys each day for variety. Also, keep his favorite things out and a few scratching posts around the house.

3. Play music or put on the television

The familiar background noise of music or TV is a great way to make your kitty feel less lonely. Most humans don’t like to be all alone in a quiet, empty house either.

4. Get him a sibling

This one can be a little tricky because there is a lot to consider. But, think about it, a lonely cat is going to be a lot less lonely if he’s got a buddy to hang out with all day.

5. Hire a pet sitter

Your cat may be lonely during the day while you are at work. And if you can’t swing by during lunch or work extended hours, then a pet sitter is a great solution.

6. Exercise her before you leave

Spend some quality time playing with your kitty before you head out the door. Break out the toys and throw the ball for him to chase. Get one of those fishing poles for cats that have feathers and other toys on the end of an elastic string. Whatever your chosen game is, the point is to make sure you burn off that excess energy before you leave the house.

7. Talk to your vet

If your cat still seems to be lonely even after trying these tips, it’s time to make an appointment with your vet to talk about other options. After all, we all want the best for our cats!

It may be surprising that your cat can and does get lonely sometimes. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you need someone to help keep your cat company, make sure to give us a call. Our sitters will be more than happy to come to visit with them and perk up their day!

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