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What Brush Is Best For My Dog’s Coat?

Do you brush your dog between visits to the groomer? If not, start now. After all, there’s no time like the present. There are many benefits to brushing your dog regularly. Believe it or not, it’s not just all about appearances either.

Aside from reducing the occurrence of matting and tangles, brushing your dog’s coat regularly will prevent serious skin conditions associated with matted fur. Additionally, brushing your dog promotes bonding, which will further strengthen your relationship with your dog and keep you aware of any changes to your dog’s skin and body. This is especially important if your dog has a longer coat. Longer coats often mask suspicious lumps and bumps that should be looked at by a veterinary professional right away.

What choices do I have for at home grooming?

Choosing the best brush for your dog can be quite the chore, am I right? There are so many choices! Well, friends, we’ve narrowed it down for you so, take a read and you’ll be ready to brush, brush, brush… without a doubt!

Curry brushes are usually made of plastic or rubber. The short nubs of this massaging brush work wonders and aim to do more than massage your dog! The curry brush promotes hair growth all the while adding shine to your dog’s coat. It helps to remove debris and dead hair that has become embedded in your dog’s coat. The curry brush works best for small breeds. Think beagle, Chihuahua, and dachshund.

Bristle brushes are the one size fits all of dog grooming tools. Brushing with the bristle brush helps to minimized shedding and helps to keep your dog’s coat shiny and neat. Pay close attention to the bristles of the brush you select. Short, stiff bristles are best for coarser coats while longer, more widely space apart bristles work best on longer coats. Similarly soft, short bristles work best on short, coats that are less coarse.

Pin Brushes are great for all coats – other than a short, smooth coat. The pin brush helps to brush out tangles. The pins on this little powerhouse of a brush can work through the top and undercoat alike, unlike many other brushes that only work through the top coat. The size of the pins on the brush you select should correspond to the length of your dog’s coat. The longer the coat, the longer the pins and vice versa.

If you use a pin brush on your dog’s coat, follow up each use with the slicker brush. This will help smooth out the dog’s coat. A slicker brush is a must-have tool to remove tangles and matting in dogs with longer coats. Keep in mind, the bristles on a slicker brush are sharp. Think twice about using this brush if your dog has a thin coat or extra tender skin. Avoid using the slicker brush near your dog’s eyes and mouth to avoid injury.

Now you’ve “brushed up” on the basics, try out a brush or two. Remember, to brush your own hair daily. Your dog will love you for their own brushing and stimulation of their skin!

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