Dog park visits

What are Dog Park Visits?


Does your dog love trips to the park? Do they need additional exercise in the middle of the day that a walk cannot provide? Then this service is for you!

A trip to the park will help your dog burn off some of their extra energy and you will come home to a more content pet.

Is your dog shy or reclusive in nature? If so, talk to us about how we can help with the socialization process by taking him out on daily field trips.

What’s included in a Park Visit?

Round trip transportation to and from the park.

Toys to play with at the park.

Meetups with other dogs to play with.

Training Reinforcement


Treats if allowed.

Towel services should your dog get caught in the rain.

*Proper transportation equipment required for each dog in the family.

Need help exercising and/or socializing your dog?

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