Dog Training

Building the human-canine bond, through communication!

We believe in the human-canine bond. Viewing dog training as a means to bettering the communication between you and your dog rather than training for dominance will deepen the trust between you and create a more harmonious relationship. Isn’t that why dogs have been given the title “Man’s Best Friend?”

For many, dog training is about wanting their dog to listen, obey, and be good, BUT have you ever thought about dog training in terms of developing great communication between you and your dog?

Dog training is a two-way street. He needs to understand what you want and you need to be able to communicate what you want so he understands.

That’s why Miami Pet Concierge has partnered with Cadence K9 to provide one-on-one private lessons for you and your dog to build YOUR human-canine bond.


What does this mean?

Our very own Yvonne Mejias, CPDT, who works side by side with Cadence K9, will provide our dog training services.

Whether single sessions for those new to dog training or dogs who have completed Cadence K9’s Boarding and Training Camp Programs, we will provide in-home beginners, follow-up and/or continuing education sessions in the privacy of your own home.


How does this work?

Like children, dogs learn at their own pace. In both personalized dog training sessions and bootcamp programs we cater to each dog’s individual learning style so they can develop skills, build confidence, learn to interact appropriately with other dogs in play and on leash, and most importantly, become well rounded.

Whether single sessions for those new to dog training or dogs who have completed Cadence K9’s Boarding and Training Camp Programs, we will provide in-home beginners, follow-up and/or continuing education sessions in the privacy of your own home.


Who is this program for?

Brand new clients who would like to start private lessons from the comfort of their own home or

Client’s who have attended a Cadence K9 Train and Play Camp Programs and would like continuing education for themselves and their pups.

Meet The Team

About Cadence K9:

Cadence K9’s mission is to help you enjoy life with your dog by your side. Their training is focused on happy and confident dogs through play, mental stimulation, exercise, love, structure, and boundaries.

Their most beneficial training programs are boot camps where dogs live with them for 2 or more weeks at a time. These programs are transformational for dogs and owners. Dogs leave with more than just obedience; they learn to have a happy, balanced relationship with humans, other dogs, and the world around them. Cadence K9 offers specialized camps for puppies, on leash obedience, off-leash obedience, problem behaviors, and service dogs.

About Yvonne Mejias, CPDT

Yvonne was born in the Bronx and grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York. Her passion for animals comes from her mother and started at a young age, continuing through high school when she worked for an Old English Sheepdog breeder. A graduate of Boston University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology, Yvonne spent over eight years working for the University of Miami’s Sylvester Cancer Center as their Senior Manager of Finance. Her interest in dog training was always on the back burner and in 2012 she took the leap of faith and joined Miami Pet Concierge as a Pet Care Specialist. Today, Yvonne is not only the Director of Operations but a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Her passion for animals and minor in Psychology make up the perfect combination of skills and attitude needed to train dogs. She truly enjoys working with all types of dogs, teaching them new behaviors, and watching them “get” what she is trying to communicate with them. To Yvonne, all dogs, from puppies to seniors, are capable of learning. She loves all her clients, from tiny pure breeds to big mutts – she does not discriminate. On her time off, you can find Yvonne teaching tricks and working on communication skills with Max, a Sheltie mix, (who at the age of 2 became a Canine Good Citizen) and Henry, a Muppet dog; both rescued from MDAS and two cats, Sophie and Sebastian.

Dog Training Services include:

K9 Train and Play Camp

Camps provide the fastest approach to achieve desired results. At the end of each camp, paw-rents are instructed on how to maintain what the dog has learned, and will be sent home with a training guide to follow.

All Camp Dogs Learn the Cadence K9 Foundational Training as well as additional skills including:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Come on Command
  • Walking on a loose leash including in the heel position
  • Greeting Manners (not jumping)
  • Door Manners (wait politely when doors or gates are open until you release them)
  • Appropriate Interactions with other dogs


  • All dogs who participate in Train and Play Camp are boarded at Cadence
    K9’s facility
  • 2 In-Home Follow-Up Sessions are included after completion of the program.
  • Drop Off/Pick up by Cadence K9 can be arranged for an additional fee.
  • K-9 Bootcamp does have a waiting list. We encourage anyone interested in entering their dog into the program to contact us regarding securing their date.

K9 Train and Play Camp Fees:

  • Puppy Camp (2 Week Board & Train) – $2500
  • On-Leash Camp (3 Week Board & Train) – $3250
  • Off-Leash Camp (4 Week Board & Train) – $4100
  • Bootcamp (6-8 Week Board & Train) – Quote provided at Initial Consultation

For Boot Camp descriptions please visit Cadence K9. To secure your dog’s spot at one of the above camps, please email Cadence K9 directly at miami@cadencek9.com

Individual Private Lessons

Individual private lessons are customized with your specific goals in mind. Private lessons allow both you and your trainer to work one on one in the comfort of your own home when it is most convenient for you and your family. Individual private lessons are designed to create a training plan for dogs new to training as well as follow up for dogs who have attended Cadence K9’s other programs.

Each new client will be required to complete one Introductory Session. During the introductory session, we will discuss the goals for your puppy/dog. We will also explain our training methods and advise on the proper tools and attitude needed for you and your dog to succeed.

Individual Private Lessons are perfect for people who:

  • Want to learn about the human-dog bond
  • Have the time to practice with their dog daily between sessions
  • Prefer one-on-one learning environments vs group settings
  • Have an interest in dog behavior

Sessions are offered in packages of 4 and 12.

Private Lesson Fees:

  • 12 Sessions – $1500 ($125.00 per session)
  • 4 Sessions – $550 ($137.50 per session)
  • Intro Session – $150 (We will only honor packages after this session)

Does your dog need some training?

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