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How A Dog Walker Can Help With Your Pet’s “Back to School Blues”!

How A Dog Walker Can Help With Your Pet’s “Back to School Blues”!

When the lazy days of summer transition in late August, there are a few family members who feel the brunt of this change the most… your pets!

This time of year brings a spike in separation anxiety in pets who lose their summer companions to classrooms, after-school activities, and hectic schedules.

When pets are anxious about being left behind, they can exhibit behaviors such as being clingy, following their owner out the door, a decrease in appetite, accidents in the house, and even destructive behavior.

Today we’ll discuss how a dog walker can help with your pet’s “Back To School Blues.”

Here are just a few ideas that can help your pet’s anxiety when Back to School comes around.

Dog Walkers Provide Exercise

In many cases, pets that are left alone during the day also receive less exercise. Providing them with regular exercise will help eliminate any pent-up energy and stress and keep your pets on a routine. Like children, pets thrive off of routine. Carving out a time for you and your pet is a great way for them to remember that they aren’t left behind. Whether an early morning walk or an afternoon game of fetch, this time will help your pets acclimate to the home changes.


Suppose your pet begins to display anxiety when you leave home; practice coming and going to get him used to the transition. Put your shoes on, grab your keys and go outside for a few minutes. Then come back like you normally would. Each time you practice, add more time when you wait outside.

A Safe Space

Create a calm and safe space for your pets to find comfort in.

Dog Walkers Keep Busy Brains Active

We’ve discussed many times the importance of keeping your pet’s brains busy. Interactive toys, puzzles, or Kong’s stuffed with a treat will keep them stimulated for hours.

Remain Calm

When you are about to leave your house, don’t fuss with your pets. By doing so, you’re adding extra attention to the fact that you’re leaving, which will inevitably cause more stress for your pets. Calmly say goodbye or hello to your pets so they will learn there’s nothing to be emotional about.

Hire a Dog Walker

By hiring a Dog Walker, you can create a daily routine for your dogs. This will allow them to have “their” time each day for some exercise, socialization, a potty break, and some fun!

Keeping your pets happy during the back to school season is essential to keeping the harmony between owner and pet. If you need help with your pet’s care this back-to-school season, give us a call. We offer dog walking services Monday thru Friday!

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