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How To Sell My House With Pets In Miami

How To Sell My Home With Pets In Miami

Guest Blogger Hilary Schultz from Bright Bid Homes is a licensed Realtor in Texas and Florida. She offers some helpful tips, steps to take, and an exciting option to consider when putting your home on the market for sale when you have pets. She will offer a unique perspective on “How To Sell My House With Pets?” 

Understanding the Home Sale Challenge

In America, pets are more than just animals – they are beloved family members. The World Animal Foundation reports an enormous number of pets in U.S. homes: approximately 83-88 million dogs and over 74 million cats, not to mention countless other animals like fish, birds, reptiles, and exotic pets. However, when it comes to selling a home, the presence of pets can introduce unique challenges. While your furry, feathery, or scaly companions are your best friends and dear to you, potential homebuyers might not share the same affection. The key is to strike a balance where your home feels welcoming to all, irrespective of their stance on pets.

Appealing to the Widest Home Buyer Audience Possible

Creating a neutral environment is essential for appealing to a broad range of home buyers. Start by removing the visible signs of pet ownership. This goes beyond just tidying up; it involves a strategic decluttering process. Pet beds, toys, litter boxes, cages, and feeding bowls should be stored out of sight. This step is crucial for in-person open house showings and your property’s online presence. Photos in your real estate listing should be free of pet-related items to ensure they appeal to the broadest audience possible.

Neutralizing Odors

A familiar blind spot for pet owners is becoming nose-blind to pet odors in their homes. While you may not notice them, they can be immediately apparent to potential house buyers. Avoid using heavy perfumes or scented candles as a cover-up, as these can be overwhelming and don’t tackle the root cause. Instead, use enzyme cleaners and pet-specific deodorizers that tackle odors at the molecular level. Upgrading your house air filters to HEPA-grade and considering the use of air purifiers can also significantly improve the indoor air quality of your property, making the space more inviting to potential home buyers.

Deep Cleaning is a Must

A professional deep clean of your property is non-negotiable. Hiring professional cleaners can be a worthwhile investment, as they can address areas often overlooked, like baseboards, walls, and corners where pet hair and dander might accumulate. Pay special attention to upholstery, curtains, and any fabric that could harbor pet odors. If your home has carpeting, a professional steam clean is advisable to eliminate any lingering signs of pet ownership, such as stains or odors.

Repairing Pet Damage

Pets, especially young ones, can leave a mark on your home. Scratched door frames, chewed furniture, and damaged floors are telltale signs of pet activity. Addressing these issues is crucial. For minor scratches, wood filler or colored markers can work wonders. Professional repair might be necessary for more significant damage, like scratched hardwood floors or chewed baseboards. Remember, first impressions matter; visible signs of pet damage can lead to negative assumptions about the property’s overall maintenance.

Outdoor Appeal

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Ensure your yard is free of pet-related debris, like toys or waste, which is essential. If you have areas specifically designed for pets, like dog runs or chicken coops, ensure they are clean and presentable. These features can be selling points for pet-loving home buyers, provided they are well-maintained. Additionally, consider the landscaping – repairing any spots where pets may have caused damage or worn down the grass.

Preparing for Open House Showings

During showings, it’s best to have pets out of the house. He eliminates any potential distractions or allergies among potential home buyers. If removing pets isn’t an option, ensure they are contained in a specific area and provide clear instructions for visitors. His can include notes about the pet’s temperament or instructions to avoid opening particular doors.

Addressing Neighboring Pets

While you have control over your pets, neighboring pets can also impact the perception of your home. If possible, communicate with your neighbors to minimize disturbances during open house showings. Implementing home solutions like scheduling open house showings when neighboring pets are typically indoors can make a significant difference.

The Emotional Aspect

Selling a home where you’ve made memories with your pets can be emotional. It’s essential to remember that by making these adjustments, you’re not diminishing your experiences but helping others envision creating their memories in the space. Our efforts to present a clean, neutral, and well-maintained home can significantly impact the home sale process and, ultimately, the value you receive for your cherished house.

Skip the Stress and Sell Your House Fast

If the process of preparing your home for sale feels overwhelming, especially in a house with significant pet influence, there is another option. Consider selling your house for cash to a company like Bright Bid Homes. As direct cash home buyers in Miami and throughout Florida, we are fast and easy! We buy houses “”as is””with no repairs needed for pet damage or odor removal. This unique option to sell is ideal if the thought of numerous open house showings and the stream of strangers walking through your house seems daunting. It simplifies the process allowing you to move forward without the usual stresses of home selling.

In conclusion, while pets are an integral part of many families, their presence in a home for sale requires careful management. By thoroughly preparing your house for sale, you can ensure that it appeals to many potential home buyers, increasing the likelihood of a successful and profitable house sale.

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