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Miami Pet Concierge Gives Back – Crandon Park

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] []Heather Tedlow is a Miami Pet Care Pet Care Specialist and the Interpretative Program Supervisor for Miami Dade County Parks, where she is responsible for public programming and events for the southern region nature centers. Heather joined the MPC family in 2009 as a part-time dog walker, overnight pet care, and pet sitting specialist.

Nestled in Key Biscayne is Crandon Park, a Miami Dade County Park park that has great historical significance to the history of the county. Classified as a heritage park, Crandon’s history goes 2000 years when it was used by the now extinct Tequesta Tribe.

The first European to discover the island was Juan Ponce de Leon who claimed it for Spain during his search for the legendary Fountain of Youth. The Island was also utilized by pirates because its natural harbors made for great hiding places.

At one time, the land the park sits on was owned by the Matheson family and was a coconut plantation. The Matheson family made a deal to donate the land to the county as long as the county provided a way for the public to access the island. This lead to the building of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Crandon Park was opened to the public in 1947. At the time of its opening, it was also the home to the Crandon Park Zoo which was relocated in the 1980s and is now Zoo Miami.

Today, Crandon Park is home to beautiful public beaches, one of the busiest public marinas in the county, a world-class tennis center and golf course, a nature center, and the Bear Cut Nature Preserve.

What Sets Crandon Park Apart From Other Parks

One of the most special things about Crandon Park is the ecological services it provides. Crandon Park is a barrier island. Barrier Islands are important to the mainland because they provide protection from storm surge and high winds during storm events.

Mangroves, sand dunes, and reefs thrive on and around barrier islands. These areas help shield the mainland from crashing waves and strong winds.

Miami Pet Concierge Gives Back

On Sunday, December 9th Miami Pet Concierge gave back to Crandon Park by taking part in a beach cleanup and sand dune restoration. MPC staff cleaned up marine debris off of the Crandon Park Beach and learned about the impacts of marine debris and micro-plastics have on the environment.

After the cleanup, the staff learned about the importance of sand dunes and took part in a sand dune restoration. Two-hundred and fifty sea oats were planted in the hopes of restoring damaged dunes.

Sea Oats is a species of grass that grows in coastal areas and help establish and grow sand dunes. Their leaves help to trap sand blowing in the wind and deposits the sand on the dune. The complex root system of sea oats help anchor and hold sand on the dune which prevents beach erosion.

The projects that the Miami Pet Concierge Team completed on Sunday were very impactful and beneficial to the plant, animal, and human residence the use Crandon Park.

To learn more about how you can give back to Miami Dade County Parks, visit HERE to find out about community service events, activities, and programs.

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