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What is Happy Cat Care?

Introducing Happy Cat Care. For our feline friends, by cat lovers. We love cats and what better way to show them than with their own special service.

We understand that not all felines are created equal, and many require that added touch of TLC to keeping them purring and not too frisky. That’s why we have designed Happy Cat Care.

What is Cat Happiness???

Cat Happiness is defined as making our client’s feline family members as happy as they can be when their humans are away. Our purring friends will remain content, loved, and HAPPY by providing them with mental and physical stimulation.

“Purrsonaliziing,” our service to meet the needs of your cats is what it’s all about! Whether our whiskered friends want to play with their wand toy with a feather or their laser light – we will be there to play along. Or, if they want to be brushed and loved, we will be there to provide them with the TLC they crave. It’s up to them; it’s their time.

Your cat’s happiness is important to us, so we will allow them to dictate our visit, so they stay HAPPY!

What Makes A Cat Happy?

We know what makes a cat happy. Cats are creatures of habit and love their routine. They need consistent care in their own environment with all the comforts of home. But to better serve YOU, we want to know – What makes YOUR cat happy? Let us know, and we’ll provide the care!

Dedicated “Cat Happiness” Team

Because we believe in Cat Happiness, we have a team of trusted Cat Sitters dedicated to caring for your cat’s needs daily. Our Cat Happiness Team has been trained specifically to care for your feline babies in the best possible way and make them happy!

Tail up for a different kind of care… because we believe in your cat’s HAPPINESS! Click HERE to learn more!

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