Let the sleepovers begin…

What is Overnight Pet Care?

It’s when one of our Pet Care Specialists stay in your home overnight with your pets while you are away so you can travel worry-free.

How does it work?

We will arrive at 8 PM for our overnight pawjama party and stay until 8 AM the following morning. During this time we will take care of their PM and AM routines. Between 8 AM and 8 PM the following day, we will provide one “check-in” midday potty break. Additional visits during the day can be added at an additional charge.

What else you should know?

Overnight Pet Care is the perfect option for those pets that whether due to age, separation anxiety, a new puppy or other factors, some pets are just meant to stay home with all their creature comforts. So let them stay home, we’ll come to them for care.

What services are provided during Overnight Pet Care?


Dog walks around your neighborhood.

Meals Served

Water Refreshment

Medication administered if required.

Playtime and Socialization

Litter Box Scooping/Cleaning

Cage Cleaning

Mail, newspapers, packages and trash/recycling can collection.

Blinds Adjusted

Lights Alternated

Plants Watered

Tons of TLC!

Feedback through email from your pet sitter regarding their visit including photos.

Start planning that vacation, we've got you covered!

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