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Pet Emergency Card For Your Wallet

Person's hand taking out a pet emergency card from a wallet.

Pet Emergency Cards For Your Wallet

As a true animal lover, I have often thought about what would happen to my pets if something happened to me? Luckily, I know plenty of animal lovers who would step up and help, but what about the people who do not have family members or friends nearby? What about an older person or someone who lives alone?

I have heard stories of dogs and cats being left for days, home alone while their owner was hospitalized, and it made me think, what could I do to help prevent this from happening to you? Get a pet emergency card for your wallet!

Pet Emergency Cards

Miami Pet Concierge's Pet Emergency Card Front Side

I made pet emergency cards for all our clients. All they have to do is fill out the card and keep it in their wallet – easy! If an emergency should occur, they can give the card to the emergency personnel. We will be contacted, and we will step in and care for your pets until we hear from you or until you return home.



Miami Pet Concierge's Pet Emergency Card Back SideThese are being given out to all of our clients whose keys are on file with us, so if you need one and did not receive one yet, call, and we will mail one out to you.

If you are not a client and would like this service set up for you, we would need to schedule a New Client Consultation to meet your pets and gather all their information and collect a house key/entrance card/fob or entry code to your home. To get started click HERE!


There will be a minimal fee for NON-Pet-Sitting Clients. Please contact us for pricing (305) 773-3999.

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