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Pet Sitting Services In Miami

Take that much-needed vacation. We’ve got your tail!

What is Pet Sitting???

Does your job require you to travel often? Or are you planning that much-needed vacation? Allow us to provide you with peace of mind knowing your pets are well cared for in their own home. Our goal is to keep your pets’ routine the same, so they stay comfortable and happy while you’re away, happy at home!

What kind of animals do you provide this service for?

We provide services for dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, rabbits, small caged animals, reptiles, and fish. If your pet is not on this list, call us!

How many visits will you provide?

We require at least two (2) visits per day for dogs and at least one (1) visit per day for all other pets. Time spent outside depends on the breed, age, and health of your dog. Additional visits can be scheduled at your discretion.

Pet Sitting Services Include

Our Dog Walks are based on quality, not a clock. Our focus is for your pets to be exercised safely, appropriately and based on their individual needs. We create a unique experience for your dog because this is “their” time, and they should enjoy every minute of it!

We walk dogs rain or shine. However, if the weather is severe enough to deem it unsafe, we will do our best to take your dog outside for their potty break and then bring them back inside, where we will continue our visit inside by playing interactive games, socializing, brushing, etc.

If a pet shows any signs of overheating while on our walk, we will immediately end their time outside, bring them home for the duration of service, and remain with them until they have cooled down and are comfortable.

Meal Served, If Needed

Meals Served

Water Refreshed

Bowls Cleaned

Bowls Cleaned

Medication Administration, If Required

Medication Administration, If Required

Litter Boxes Cleaned

Litter Boxes, Aquariums, & Cages Cleaned

Playtime & Socialization

Exercise, Potty Breaks, Socialization & Playtime

In-door Trash Removal

In-door Trash Removal

Garbage & Recycling Collected

Blinds Or Curtains Adjusted


Lights Alternated

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Watered

Mail, Newspapers, Packages Collected

Mail, Newspapers, Packages Collected

Feedback Through Email Regarding Each Visit

Lots of love icon

Lots Of TLC

Pricing Per Service

Rates are for up to two pets, please add $5 per additional pet.

30 Minutes

$ 30
  • For up to 2 pets
  • + $5 for each additional pet
  • Only offered for homes with ferrets, reptiles, small caged pets, birds, and fish.


$ 45
  • For up to 2 pets
  • + $5 for each additional pet


$ 55
  • For up to 2 pets
  • + $5 for each additional pets

Start planning your getaway!

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