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What Makes A Professional Pet Sitter, “Professional”?

What Makes A Professional Pet Sitter, “Professional”?

Pet sitting has become more popular than ever. Many choose to pet sit as a hobby or side gig to earn extra cash with the low entry barrier and the flexible schedule.

With apps such as Rover and Wag popping up, the pet sitting industry’s competition is at an all-time high; and many pet owners are having a hard time figuring out the difference between a company that contracts pet sitters and a business like ours that hire employees.

In celebration of Professional Pet Sitters Week, we wanted to share what a professional pet sitter is, what a professional pet sitting company does, and how we set ourselves apart from the hobbyists.

Professional Pet Sitters Week began to shed light and bring awareness to businesses like ours. We are professional pet sitters, and the “professional” holds a lot more value than you may realize.

On the surface, we may look like your average animal lover who finds joy in caring for other people’s pets. Many have questioned why we would choose this as a full-time profession or if this “hobby” pays the bills.

Many don’t realize that we are a full-fledged business that has puts copious amounts of effort into bringing our client’s the best for their pets.

From our extensive knowledge about animal care and welfare, our customer service efficiency, to the highly skilled training we provide to our team, we can assure you that your pets are in the best hands.



But before we dive into what we do as professional pet sitters, we want to touch on why we do what we do.

In short, we love what we do!

We all love animals and respect them to the point that we want to provide them with the best. By educating pet parents about their fur babies’ wellbeing and behavior, and overall health, we help create an environment where our clients’ pets can thrive and live a happy and healthy life.

We understand that pets sometimes get overlooked due to our busy lives, so we created a platform to be their voice when they can’t speak up for themselves.

Professional pet sitters are highly educated people who have extensive knowledge in a variety of pet-related fields. Here is a list of just a few areas our staff specialize in:

  • Animal Behavior
  • Canine Physical Fitness
  • Puppy Training
  • Canine Rehabilitation
  • Canine Massage Therapy
  • Cat Care
  • General Pet Care
  • Senior Pet Care
  • End Of Life Care
  • Special Needs Pets

We have come together as a team from various backgrounds. We are television executives, vet techs, nurses, real estate agents, voice-over actresses, lawyers, accountants, musicians, county employees, small business owners, day traders, grad students, CPAs, retirees – you get the point.

Besides being current or former professionals in other businesses, most of us have worked or volunteered in rescue, animal shelters, kennels, boarding facilities, vet hospitals, zoos, and more.

We have witnessed how pet owners’ work and home lives have taken away the extra time needed to properly care for their pets. Or how pet parents don’t travel in fear they can’t find proper care for their beloved pets.

To eliminate unwanted stress for both pets and pet parents alike, we create a business to solve the most common pet parents’ face-saving time!


There is a lot that goes into looking after our client’s pets. The hugs and cuddles are the easiest part but caring for your pet is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly. We are well equipped to tackle any situation that comes our way because we are highly trained to do so.

We are continuously implementing new ways to better your pet’s life. Here are just a few of the areas we keep in mind when working with your pets.

  • We provide the best care possible for our client’s pets.
  • We help eliminate unwanted stress a pet may be experiencing.
  • We create a happy and non-stressful experience for the pets in our care.
  • We reinforce positive training for all pets in our care.
  • We help educate our clients on pet behavior, health and wellness, and fitness.
  • We offer the best physical fitness and activities suited for each pet in our care.
  • We encourage and educate our clients on how to understand their pet’s body language and communication styles.
  • We implement consistency and routine for both pets and their parents.
  • We continuously work on bettering our clients’ pets’ social skills.
  • We take the load off of our client’s shoulders when they need resources for their pets, including recommendations for veterinarians, groomers, proper pet care equipment, and more.

The list can go on, but as you can see, our service’s value runs more profound than what meets the eye, and we are so appreciative of all of our clients who understand and appreciate us right back.



Professional pet sitters are a compassionate, loyal, and trustworthy bunch of people who thrive in this feel-good profession. With our expertise growing by the day, our clients can feel at peace knowing that they have booked a professional pet sitter who knows and understands their pet’s needs.

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