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Puppy Visits in Miami​

What are Puppy Visits?​

Once your new puppy is home, we can help you continue to be a successful dog owner as you go back to your daily routine.

Allow us to help you create a potty training plan that will set your new pal up for success.

Midday puppy visits will help you keep them on a schedule, eliminate any worry you have of them being home while you’re at work and offer the much-needed interaction puppies need to become a well-rounded pup!

Puppy Visits Include

We require Puppy Visits for all dogs under nine months of age or until fully potty trained.

Exercise & Play Close To Home

Exercise & Play Close To Home

Litter Boxes Cleaned

Potty Breaks

Meal Served, If Needed

Meal Provided, If Needed

Bowls Cleaned

Bowls Cleaned

Water Refreshed

Medication Administration, If Required

Medication Administration, If Required

Playtime & Socialization

Socialization & Exposure To Outside Elements

Treats, Interactive Toys Given, If Allowed

Treats, Interactive Toys, If Allowed

Training Reinforcement

Training Reinforcement

Basic Leash Work

Feedback Through Email Regarding Each Visit

Lots of love icon

Lots Of TLC

Pricing Per Visit

Puppy Visits

$ 45
  • + $10 per additional Puppy

Does your puppy need training?

Ask about our Private In-home Puppy Training and Puppy Board & Training Programs

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