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Review of Fetch Eyewear

girl with dog wearing glasses

As an eyeglass wearer, I know how hard it is to commit to that gorgeous pair of high-end glasses I’ve been eyeing. The price tag alone can make me want to run for the door and seek other options. Have you ever found the process of replacing a pair of broken or old glasses to be so unbearable? You’d instead go about your day with blurry vision than purchasing a new pair at the store?

What if I told you, you could purchase a stunning pair of eyeglasses at an affordable rate AND help animals at the same time, all from the comfort of your own home?

Do I have a surprise for you! Let me introduce you to the brand Fetch Eye wear!

Who Created Fetch Eye wear and Why?

Fetch Eye wear Founder, Ann Sacks.
Fetch Eye wear Founder, Ann Sacks.

Fetch Eye wear creator Ann Sacks set out to create an affordable and stylish set of reading glasses. After breaking a new pair of her own, she learned there weren’t many options for non-high end glasses that didn’t break the bank. All frames are designed by the Founder, Ann Sacks, with eyeglass wearers in mind. With her passion for business, animals, and style, Ann created Fetch Eye wear.

So how did a former Junior High School Teacher/Social Worker end up designing glasses? Ann Sacks founded Fetch eye wear when she set out to help people create an identity around the things they choose and the things they wear. Ann says, “In short, I think about people that I see today and how I might help them take one tiny step further toward loving their glasses rather than just wearing them.”

What Makes Fetch Eye wear So Special?

They give back

Fetch Eyewear is a part of the Newman’s Own Paul Newman Foundation and commits to donating 100% of profits to charity. They are the first eye wear company to give 100% of profits to nonprofit, their cause – animal rescue. Taking NO salary or compensation of any kind, and after paying their vendors and employees, Ann donates ALL profits to the Sacks Family shelter, The Pixie Project.

The Pixie Project is an animal rescue organization in Oregon that is responsible for placing over 1,000 pets a year into forever homes as well as offers low-income veterinary services to residents and education programs.

Top notch customer service

How often do you find you want to love a company and support it only to have a terrible customer service experience? Not with Fetch. From my original phone call regarding frame sizes to help with color choices and frame selection, Fetch’s staff was willing to help from throughout my entire process.

Lifetime warranty

Fetch offers a lifetime warranty for each frame and will repair or replace any damaged Fetch frame, no matter the cause. If an identical replacement frame is not available, you may choose from comparable alternates.


How It Works – It’s Takes 5 Easy Steps

  1. Select five frames from their gallery of frames and add them to your try on at home cart. Glasses are then shipped with no obligation to purchase any.
  2. Try them on in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Select your favorites and then send the rest back in the original box with the prepaid return label.
  4. Order your frames online, including sending in your prescription.
  5. Receive your brand new glasses by mail!

How long will it take?

  • Try at home – 1-2 business days
  • Non-Prescription – 1-2 business days for both (sunglasses); 7-10 business days (readers)
  • Prescription – 7-10 business days once prescription and PD (Papillary Distance) is confirmed

What prescriptions do they offer?

Fetch Eye wear Founder, Ann Sacks.Single Vision For seeing near or far, but not both.

ProgressivesFor seeing for both distance and reading. It will be noted as an ADD to your prescription.

Information they’ll need from you to start

Fetch Eye wear requires your prescription information and your PD (papillary distance) measurement, which can be provided via email or fax. Most eyeglass prescriptions are valid for 1 or 2 years. Fetch does require a valid prescription to fulfill your order.

Papillary Distance

Papillary distance is the measurement in millimeters between the centers of your pupils. An accurate PD is necessary to mount the lenses in your frame correctly. It is typical for the PD not to be included in the written prescription but should be available through your optician. You can also measure your PD at home using our PD Measurement Tool.

Fetch Lens Types

Fetch recommends the guidelines below when selecting your lenses. If you have any questions about choosing the best lens for your prescription, please contact them directly.

  • CR-39: Prescription maximum of +/-3. Most prescriptions fall into this range. CR-39 has the most clarity and color definition. Includes AR coating and scratch resistance.
  • Poly carbonate: Prescription maximum of +/-5. Poly carbonate is impact-resistant with slightly less clarity than CR-39. Includes AR coating, scratch resistance, and 100% UV protection.
  • 1.67 High Index: Prescription maximum of +/-8 spherical. Almost 10% thinner than CR-39 with the same prescription. Includes AR coating and scratch resistance. High clarity and color definition, with thinner lenses for stronger prescriptions.

Top 3 Benefits of Buying Fetch Eye wear

1. Saves You Time

You would think that because there are a few steps in the ordering process, which include sending packages back and forth in the mail that the time between shipments would take long. In my experience, starting with my first call to the final product took less than two weeks.

Not bad considering I didn’t have to visit multiple eye class stores to choose a frame, only to have to return a few weeks later to pick up my frames once my prescription was put into them.

I was able to peruse the frame options from the comfort of my own home and select a few pairs I liked. Once I received the samples, I was able to try them each on and get an idea of which pair worked for me the best. I didn’t have to rush my decision or feel pressure from a salesperson. The best part, I was able to try on as many pairs as I liked until I found the perfect pair all because of their offer of free shipping and free returns.

2. Saves You Money

Individual frames start at $95 per pair and include a basic prescription. That’s pretty outstanding considering high-end designer frames cost upwards of $175 a pair without a prescription. Cut out the licensing, branding, and logos, and you get an affordable, stylish set of frames that look good and make you feel good – you helped give back!

3. So many stylish choices

Fetch offers a variety of fashionable eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, and sun reading glasses. Finding the perfect pair is easy as you can search by face shape, hair color, skin tone, and or frame size. Frames come in men’s and woman’s sizes, and each frame has a unique “pet” name.

Our Thoughts About Fetch Eye wear

Selfie of Miami Pet Concierge Boss Nicole Packin wearing Fetch eye wear
Me sporting my new Fetch Eyewear Bailey frames in Surf!

What could be better than purchasing a beautiful, classic, and stylish pair of glasses in the comfort of my home? They look great, feel great, and most importantly, I was able to support a cause near and dear to my heart.

What started with a simple introduction to Fetch Eye wear by my husband, who found them online, ended up becoming the most uncomplicated process for me to replace a pair of old glasses that are hanging on by a thread.

I ended up choosing the Bailey, and my husband, the Westley. A week later, our new glasses arrived, and all was right in the world. I could see clearly out of non-scratched glasses!

For those of you in the market for a new pair of glasses, love animals, and want to give back check out Fetch Eye wear. They have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, and the quality far exceeded my expectations, and the process was simple. I feel the need to purchase another pair ASAP!

For more information, visit fetcheyewear.com. Tell them I sent you! You won’t be disappointed!


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