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Top 5 Best 24-Hour Pet Hospitals In Miami

Emergency Vets in Miami

As luck would have it, it seems our pets can sometimes become ill or injured when our regular Veterinarian is either closed for the day or over the weekend. Or maybe your pet became injured/ill during a holiday weekend; it happens often. Knowing the closest 24-hour pet emergency hospital is crucial and can make a severe difference, especially when the time is of the essence.

vet assistant holding dogTrying to google the nearest emergency vet, while stabilizing your pet would be way too stressful, so be proactive now and do your research on which 24-Hour Pet Emergency Hospital you will use, should the need arise. Having this information readily available during an emergency will be extremely valuable to not only you but your pet. All pet owners want the best for their four-legged pals!

In Miami, we are fortunate to have a variety of options all over the city. Whether you’re living far down south or way up in North Miami, there should be a clinic near you! Below, we rounded up a list of our favorite Miami Pet Emergency Hospitals to help you in your search!

Top 24-Hour Pet Emergency Hospitals in Miami

  • Animal Emergency Clinic of South Florida 12683 South Dixie Highway, 33156 (305) 251-2096
  • Knowles Animal Clinic – Snapper Creek 9933 SW 72 Street, 33155, (305) 279-2323
  • Knowles Animal Hospital 1000 NW 27 Avenue, Miami 33125, (305) 649-1234
  • Miami Veterinary Specialists 8601 Sunset Drive, South Miami, 33143, (305) 665-2820
  • The Pet Emergency Room 6394 South Dixie Highway, South Miami, 33143, (305) 666-4142


We never want to imagine anything bad happening to our furry buddies. Unfortunately, accidents happen or illnesses creep up out of nowhere. It’s better to be prepared for these scenarios. It’s always better to be ready if an emergency does happen so our pets can be cared for as soon as possible.

Veterinarians in Miami

Are you currently in the market for a regular veterinarian too? Miami Pet Concierge has got you! We wrote a blog about our top Miami Veterinarians and think you should check it out. For more pet info, keep checking back for new blogs.

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