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The Best Pet Cams for Pet Owners

The Best Pet Cams for Pet Owners

We’ve all heard of separation anxiety afflicting dogs. But what about when separation from our pets causes us to be anxious?

Well, thanks to the wonders of the latest pet cam technology, we can put both those worries behind us. That’s right; now, we can remotely check on, talk to, listen to, and even treat our pets when we’re away at work or play.

The last couple of years have seen a significant upswing in the development and sales of pet cams. But, which ones are the best to buy? Are the most dependable? Or have the most excellent features?

This article is designed to answer these questions. We’ve researched the web to list and discuss the best pet cams for all of our mindful pet parents and your home-alone pets. Please read on to learn more about these most popular (and affordable!) pet cameras.

The Best Pet Cams―Features and Value

  • Pawbo Life Pet Camera―Jam-packed with excellent built-in features that let you see, talk to, listen to, video record, social share, play with, and treat your home-alone best friend. Remote features require a WiFi subscription. But, Pawbo is fully encrypted for security; it’s easy to set up and has an excellent support team. Visit Amazon to learn more about Pawbo or to purchase.
  • Furbo Dog Camera―If you have a home-alone pet and Alexa, then this is the pet cam for you! Features abound for the techie pet parent―including, but not limited to, night vision and live wide-angle streaming video. Some of Furbo’s other cool features are barking alerts and treat tossing. It needs a reliable internet connection via WiFi and sets up in 3 easy, fast steps. Visit Amazon to learn more about Furbo or to purchase.
  • Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera―Interact remotely with your pet anywhere, anytime using the Petcube built-in Alexa device. Play with and challenge your pet anywhere, too, with the pet and people safe laser toy. This pet cam is loaded with so many excellent features that it has become the industry standard. This holiday season, treat yourself and your lonesome but loving pet to this incredible interactive pet cam. Visit Amazon to learn more about Petcube or to purchase.
  • WOPET Smart Pet Camera―Another fully interactive pet cam that’s loaded with unique features. Some of those features are: free android app, treat tossing, full HD camera with night vision, Livestream video, wide-angle monitoring, 2-way audio, and it works with either iOS 7.0 and Android 5.0 or above. It needs 2.4 GHz WiFi to operate all remote features fully. If a new pet cam is on your wishlist, then the fully tricked out WOPET might be the one for you. Visit Amazon to learn more about the WOPET or to purchase.
  • TOOGE Pet Camera―Just in time for Christmas! So fresh and a steal at the offered price. Features fast smartphone setup and supports easy anywhere remote access via iPhone or Android. Can record images of your pet day or night 24/7. Talk and listen to your best bud via Hi-Fi intercom and tons of other great features. An excellent gift for every pet parent on your list―and yourself too! Visit Amazon to learn more about the Toole Pet Cam or to purchase.
  • TENVIS Pet Camera―Advertised as both an indoor pet cam and home security cam! This inexpensive cam system is loaded with great features suitable for any pet parent’s home. Some of this system’s unique features are No camera blind spots, IR night vision, motion sensor, 2-way audio, easy setup with simple smartphone control, and much more. This pet cam comes with many of the features found in the higher-priced systems. Visit Amazon to learn more about the TENVIS Pet Cam or to purchase.

As a loving pet parent, wouldn’t you love to have the peace of mind that a quality pet cam provides? Of course, you would! And, wouldn’t your dog or cat benefit greatly and be much less anxious by hearing your voice? Obviously, they would! Now you can watch, treat, talk, film, and interact in so many ways with your best bud even when you’re far away.

We are so pleased to present you with this selection of hi-tech but easy to set up and use pet cams. We hope you’ll take advantage of our list and find the perfect pet cam for you, your best friend, and your home sweet home. Thanks for visiting today, and please have a most joyous holiday season.

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