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Puppy 101 & Puppy Visits

What is Puppy 101?


Puppy 101 is a class for pet parents where they can learn all about or refresh themselves on all things puppy!

Adding a new addition to the family can be very exciting, but it comes with a lot of responsibility.

You may have been planning to add a puppy to your family for months (or even years), or you might have recently decided to adopt a puppy from a local rescue or shelter. Either way, there are many things you need to do to prepare your household for your new arrival!

What are Puppy Visits?


Once your new puppy is home, we can help you continue to be a successful dog owner as you go back to your daily routine.

Allow us to help you create a potty training plan that will set your new pal up for success.

Midday puppy visits will help you keep them on a schedule, eliminate any worry you have of them being home while you’re at work and offer the much-needed interaction puppies need to become a well-rounded pup!

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Things you’ll learn in

Puppy 101

How to prepare your home.

Proper Supplies Needed

Crate Training & Potty training

The importance of structure, consistency, and patience.

Socializing Your Puppy

Introducing your puppy to adults, children, other dogs, and cats.

Puppy Developmental Stages

Feeding Schedule

Water Consumption

Puppy Vaccine Schedule

Flea & Tick Medications

Proper Exercise for Puppies

Puppy Body Language

Puppy Safety 

Tricks to help you raise a well-rounded, happy puppy.

For those pet parents who have never owned a dog before and need help
shopping for supplies, ask us about our Puppy 101 – Shopping Guide

Puppy visits include:

Potty Breaks

Midday Meals

Fresh Water



Exercise in the backyard or close to home until they are fully vetted.

Beginning Leash Work

Medication administration if needed.

Feedback through email from your pet sitter regarding their visits
including photos.

Tons of TLC

*We do require Puppy Visits for all dogs under 9 months of age or until
fully potty trained.

New puppy? No problem. We've got your tail!

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