A Country Cat House – Miami’s Best Cat Boarding Facility

For most cat owners, boarding their feline friend is not an option.  Most cats are sticklers for staying in the comfort of their own home and not having their routine disturbed. However, for those whiskered friends who do find themselves boarding while their family is away, there’s only one place for cat boarding in Miami that you should consider sending your cat to for their “staycation”.

A Country Cat House – Miami’s Best Cat Boarding Facility 

A Country Cat House (if you’ve never heard of it, you should) is a  family owned and operated cattery which has been providing care for Miami’s feline friends for over two decades. Considered the best “cattery” in the nation, A Country Cat House offers a wide range of services including cat boarding.

What makes A Country Cat House the best option for boarding cats in Miami?

A Country Cat House is the best option for boarding your cat in Miami because it’s for the cats, by the cats.  Sorry doggy friends.

When the facility was being built, everything was considered through the eyes of cats. 

From the country setting, large individual chalets, villas and treehouses wall to wall, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking tropical gardens, this place is the cat’s meow!

Boarding accommodations for your cats at The Country Cat House

A Country Cat House offers many choices for their kitty clients.  Their main goal is to make sure each resident is comfortable and happy during their stay.

Whether your cat is over the top friendly and equal opportunity for all others, or a loner who would rather share his perch with no one else, you have choices.

From Luxury Boarding Suites, Garden Chalets, Single & Double Villas, and 3-Level Treehouses, your cat will their a purrfect spot here to settle into.

Two-story houses are designed for boarding two cats from the same household, while Treehouses and Suites have three levels allowing each kitty (from the same family) his or her own perch and lounging area.

What are the boarding requirements at The Country Cat House?

All new clients or clients who haven’t boarded at TCCH in over three years must…

  1. Complete a registration form and forwarding it back via email at mycat!countrycathouse.com
  2. Send in your cat’s vaccination papers via email at mycat@acountrycathouse.com
  3. Schedule your services
  4. Pay your deposit via Paypal

Facts about The Country Cat House

  • They never mix cats from different families in boarding suites.
  • Each space is designed so that cats can’t see other cats on either side of them or above or below them.
  •  Accommodations will be made for client’s cats to board in the condo of choice as long as another border isn’t already occupying the space.
  • Cat’s can board as long as they need to be, however, a 2-day minimum is required.
  • No other pets are boarded here.  Cat only boarding here!
  • Client’s may bring their cats favorite toys, food, and blankets, however, it is requested not to bring food dishes or litter boxes as theirs go through a thorough sanitizing system.
  • Cats are provided their own catnip mouse toy when they arrive in their private condo.
  • There is someone on the premises 24-hours a day.
  • Special meals are served to all cats boarding on the holidays unless a client’s cat is on a special diet.
  • Anyone interested in boarding their cat may tour The Country Cat House prior to scheduling services.

For more information on The Country Cat House click HERE. Tell them we sent you, they won’t disappoint!



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